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Playground names for the hard sell

I know that this is a Courtney Bock related post, but I think the humor is something even my completely disinterested-in-baby-gear friends will appreciate.

I have been contacting boutiques to introduce the product and sending samples and whatnot this week. I usually find places online and go from there. WELL sometimes they don’t list a buyer/owner’s name and so I have to send it to the attention of the store name.

Yesterday I was drafting my cover letter and began the process of writing to a company called, ahem, Stinky Pants. I don’t know what part of that name felt uncomfortable to me, but I just had a problem addressing a business proposition to someone I was calling Stinky Pants. Like, I might as well have said, Dear Four Eyes, or Dear Butt Face, or Dear Jelly Roll, or Dear Thunder Thighs….

I don’t mean to state the obviously, but YOUR PANTS ARE STINKY.
Now, let’s talk business.


Crappy Photos are How I Roll

I promised to show you this over a week ago, and as per usual, am delinquent. These are some of what I have been brewing lately in my little happy sewing world.

Oh Hello back there, Courtney. Don't look so happy.

I am of a certain school of thought that babies should be dressed as babies. This means Peter Pan collars, saddle shoes, Mary Janes, bloomers… the whole nine yards. However, I am also of the school of thought that when it comes to diaper bags, slings, and burp cloths (or anything that the mommies and daddies must wear on their body), fabrics should be parentally cool. I do not think that a mother who bears a son should be forced to be dripping in light blue paraphernalia for the rest of her life, nor do I believe that pink is the only color that represents femininity for a baby girl. That being said, I try to mix things up a little bit in the burp cloths and not just sew stuff with teddy bears, rubber duckies and Precious Moments cartoons. One of my personal favorites is the last one (cowboy/bandana prints), which is a two-pack. One burp cloth has a red bandana print over an entire surface and the cowboy stripe down the reverse side. The other burp cloth is the exact opposite (cowboy on an entire side, bandana stripe). I tend to think these are so stinking cute. And good little gifties for new mommies.

By the way… I’m going to be an aunt again 🙂 Stockton’s brother and sister in law are expecting a little girl (yay!!) in May, so in my defense, I have a perfectly good excuse for having babies on my brain.

Last thing, this is a new apron I whipped up last night for a new friend (an old friend of Stockton’s) whose wedding shower is this weekend. She’s a merchandiser for Anthropologie, so it’s not like she doesn’t have access to millions of way cuter aprons daily, but aprons and burp cloths are what I do and I thought the former would be the most appropriate out of my extensive product mix. Ahem.

**Just added:
This reversible bib is best friends with the two-pack of burp cloths above. They want to be purchased as a set at Orange Tree. They told me so.

In her comment from the previously posted section of this here show and tell, Kaley asked me to show my face in pictures, calling me a photophobe. Uhh…. no. Not doing it. Not never. Deal with it.


Today is my day. I have been working long hours all week, busy as a little frickin’ bee (which I really do enjoy, don’t misread my frickin’ as a negative adjective. It just packs a nice, hefty punch). And so, to celebrate a day of no commitments, no obligations, and certainly no showering or getting myself dressed (because that would totally disrupt the beauty that could be today’s laziness) I am going to spend the day creating.

Not crafting.

Because crafts, to me, involve popsicle sticks, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. None of today’s business will include the aforementioned items, so please…. let’s not call them crafts or me crafty.

Can you tell I have issues? Only with the color yellow and the word crafty.

My plan – should I follow through with anything I plan to do, ever, in all of my life – is to get back on tonight and post the pictures of what I have created. And then try to get people to buy them. Muaaaahaha.

Sneak Peak:
It’s a headband. On a tube shaped pillow. Because when I tried putting it on my head for the picture, the snakes that are my tendrils this morning began to gnaw on the flowers and I didn’t want to have to discount brand new merchandise due to unruly bed head. Also, because I look fugly.