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Lola’s homecoming story is one that many a little girl can tell who fell in love with a pooch behind the glass at the mall pet shop and finally took the little fur ball home after badgering her daddy long enough. Or her new husband. And since we are still in the honeymoon phase, he was a total sucker for my charms 100% in agreement with his lovely new wife.

We went to the mall to buy our duvet cover from Macy’s with some wedding gift cards. We left with Lola, which we, unfortunately, had no gift cards for. HOWEVER, we had something better: for graduation, my grandparents gave me a check with the words “Bow Wow” in the memo line. Not kidding.  It lit-rally said Bow Wow. See, for Kaley’s graduation they got her a puppy right away. Due to our different circumstances (you know… my parents’ golden retriever is old and ornery, I was getting married and moving across the country…) a puppy would NOT have mixed in there well. Hence I got puppy money.

Thursday night, after 3 months, I spent it. The irony of it is that right around the time I received my puppy money, Lola was born. It was destiny.

And so we brought home our docile little baby and that first night, she slept in her kennel (which my mother and father in law so graciously let us borrow since their chihuahua doesn’t use it anymore) and didn’t make a peep. I was almost worried about her. She wasn’t really eating after all, wouldn’t accept a treat, and only took two sips of water all night. I chalked it all up to her just being scared. It was so much change in such a short period of time, and I’d probably boycott food, too.

Wait, who am I kidding. I would totally not boycott food. But to each her own, and Lola’s way of expressing her fear was to practice the ancient act of Long Dog Lock Jaw.

Friday morning, our pup woke up and scarfed her breakfast (hallelujah, the hunger strike is over!) and played with us for a while before we had to say goodbye for a couple hours while we ran some errands. We figured she’d be safest in the kitchen, which is tiled floor, has her food and water in case she gets hungry, and has her potty pad as well. Seeing as the little tink is only 4 pounds, we figured the ironing board would be a sufficient threshold to keep her contained. When we got home, she was the picture of a princess in her bed, however the walls of Attica, er, the ironing board, had fallen. Here she is my little escape artist.

In our morning playtime, we discovered that little Lola likes her own reflection. She can push her bed around and whenever we left her, she would push her bed right up to the mirror where she could lay and admire her own beauty. And she is a beauty.

Pretty soon, the puppy in our docile little scaredy pup came out. She had her first doctor’s appointment and took her vaccinations like a total champ, and played and walked all afternoon with Stockton and I.  Here is Lo on her first walk.

Just to give you an idea of how teeny weeny my wienie is, she has to wear a kitten harness because even the smallest puppy harness was too big. Even the Cat harness was too big. She’s my little kitty.

And she’s quite the socialite – couldn’t wait to get into the clubhouse at the apartment.

I think it’s safe to say that we have some new blog material over in these parts. I’ll still recap wedding things, just waiting on pictures. In the meantime, you can go here and get a little photographic preview.

Peace, Love and Lola.