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Playground names for the hard sell

I know that this is a Courtney Bock related post, but I think the humor is something even my completely disinterested-in-baby-gear friends will appreciate.

I have been contacting boutiques to introduce the product and sending samples and whatnot this week. I usually find places online and go from there. WELL sometimes they don’t list a buyer/owner’s name and so I have to send it to the attention of the store name.

Yesterday I was drafting my cover letter and began the process of writing to a company called, ahem, Stinky Pants. I don’t know what part of that name felt uncomfortable to me, but I just had a problem addressing a business proposition to someone I was calling Stinky Pants. Like, I might as well have said, Dear Four Eyes, or Dear Butt Face, or Dear Jelly Roll, or Dear Thunder Thighs….

I don’t mean to state the obviously, but YOUR PANTS ARE STINKY.
Now, let’s talk business.